4 Dental Implants Considerations

Dental implants provide people who are missing one or more teeth with a restoration alternative to dentures. If you’re one of the hundreds of New Port Richey residents facing lack of confidence, health issues, or other problems due to tooth loss, perhaps dental implant surgery new port richey can change your life for the better. Take into consideration the four pieces of information below if you’re considering replacing your missing teeth with an implant.

dental implant surgery new port richey

1.    Costs: Are you prepared to pay the costs of dental implants, which range from $2,000 – $5,000 each? Most insurance policies do not cover the costs of dental implants. There are discounts for multiple implants in many cases and most dentists offer payment plans and financing options to qualified patients.

2.    Time: Dental implants take time. You’ll make at least four visits to the dentist and surgeon, if not more, to complete the procedure. It can take 12-months or longer for procedure completion.

3.    Tooth Grafts: Some people need a bone graft before a tooth implant procedure because their current bone structure isn’t strong enough to support the implant. This tackles time and costs to the procedure. Talk to your dentist to learn if a tooth graft is a part of your implants procedure.

4.    Down Time: You may need downtime after each dental appointment when using implants as a tooth restoration method. You’ll need time off from work and someone who can help with simple tasks such as housecleaning.

Many people prefer dental implants because they’re more like natural teeth, however, there are many considerations important to note before the procedure, such as those above. Talk to your dentist to learn more about dental implants, their pros and cons, costs, financing information, etc. and perhaps dental implants can help you regain that lost smile that you miss so much.